Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes in our processing facility? Let us show you. A large part of the processing facility is where we recycle your bulbs in-house.

A look behind the scenes at how NLR processes your lamps and bulbs

Phase 1:

Linear lamps are fed through our conveyor belt system. Individual bulbs are loaded into a hopper.

Phase 2:

Lamps and bulbs are de-manufactured and the machine begins separating glass and metal components.

Phase 3:

The machine separates glass and metal while cleaning them of phosphor powder. The phosphor powder is captured and retained for the retort and reclamation process.

Air Filtration:

During all the phases the air is constantly filtered to keep loose phosphor powder from escaping.

All this is done to ensure that mercury stays out of the environment. Our recycling system has been used to crush millions of lamps and bulbs to date. So next time you send us your lamps you know the machine that keeps recycling your bulbs clean.

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