A picture hands typing at a keyboard. If you need to reach NLR you can email us info@nlr-green.com or call us at 877-822-4733.

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Deliveries or Pick-ups: 

By appointment only, no walk-ins

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  • Tuesdays and Fridays only
  • NEW HOURS 6am to 1:30pm EST
  • 24 hours notice required

Corporate Office Hours:

7am to 5pm EST

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Our Locations

A picture of the entrance to NLR's corporate office. NLR's corporate office handles administrative duties for univeral waste recycling.

Corporate Offices

Our main office is located next to the lamp processing facility. It is part of the industrial complex at 256 Main St. East Windsor, CT 06088.

  • Corporate Office: 256 Main St. Suite B, East Windsor, CT 06088
  • Mailing Address: 256 Main St. P.O. Box 680, East Windsor, CT 06088
  • Phone: 877-822-4733
  • Fax: 860-292-1114
  • Email:info@nlr-green.com
A picture of one of the machines that helps in lamp recycling at the processing facility. The processing processes light bulbs on-site and sorts lighting ballasts.

Lamp Processing

Our lamp processing facility is located next store to our corporate office and nearby our UWH warehouse for quick turn around of your spent lamps.

  • Lamp Processing Facility: 250 Main St., East Windsor, CT 06088
  • If you would like to reach someone in processing please call our local number
  • Phone: 860-292-1992
A picture of the inside of NLR's UWH Warehouse. This is where NLR receives, weighs, and separates waste streams. Responsible for handling lamp recycling, battery recycling, electronics recycling, and mercury device recycling.

UWH Warehouse

Our Universal Waste Housing Warehouse is located minutes from I-91 and near our offices and lamp processing facility for quick sorting of your universal wastes.

  • UWH Warehouse: 8 Craftsman Rd., East Windsor, CT 06088
  • If you would like to reach someone in our warehouse please call our local number
  • Phone: 860-292-1992
A picture of various mercury containing bulbs including CFLs, halogens, high pressure sodium, and pin lamps. NLR recycles lamps, bulbs, and fluorescent lights.

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