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NLR Specializes in Universal Waste

A picture of one of the lamp processing team using a machine to dump the cleaned glass cullet from recycling lamps into a container.

While we would like to help recycle all universal wastes, we are only permitted to handle certain categories. This is a result of the overlap of regulations, our specific facilities, and other factors.  NLR handles universal wastes including lamps and bulbs, E-Waste and IT assets, batteries, lighting ballasts, and mercury devices. These universal wastes are mostly solid universal wastes. We currently cannot and do not accept liquid wastes such as pesticides, acids, and other categories. If you’re unsure as to what type of universal waste you are trying to recycle, our highly qualified sales team are available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Permitted Waste Types

Picture of a CFL bulb, two linear lamps, and a U-lamp. NLR recycles lamps and bulbs.

Lamps (Light Bulbs)

All mercury style lamps. Linear lamps, CFL/PL, HID/HPS, and more lamps.

picture of a oval containing several E-Waste items including laptops, computer accessories, and circuit boards. NLR recycles many different types of electronics and E-Waste.

E-Waste and IT Assets

Computers, computer accessories, servers, hard drives, office electronics, consumer electronics, and more.

Picture of several different sizes of alkaline batteries. NLR recycles alkaline, lithium ion, nicad, lead acid, and other batteries.


Lead acid, alkaline, nickel cadmium, lithium ion, and other batteries.

A picture of pcb, non-pcb, and electronic ballasts. NLR recycles both pcb and non-pcb ballasts.

Lighting Ballasts

PCB, non-PCB lighting ballasts.

Picture of a thermometer, thermostat, and mercury switch. NLR recycles mercury containing devices.

Mercury Devices

Other equipment that contains mercury including thermostats, thermometers, switches, relays, medical equipment, and more.

Unaccepted Items

If you want more information about NLR recycles only specific universal wastes. We do not accept single stream recycling and we cannot handle pesticides or other liquid wastes

A picture of various mercury containing bulbs including CFLs, halogens, high pressure sodium, and pin lamps. NLR recycles lamps, bulbs, and fluorescent lights.

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White-glove Truckload Pick-up

National Mail-back Program

Have a recurring stream of universal waste? Enjoy the convenience
of an email or call-in to schedule a pick-up, or set up recurring weekly
or monthly pick-ups. Recurring pick-ups can be automatically scheduled,
no phone call required. Let, NLR’s fully licensed and permitted fleet
of vehicles and drivers safely transport your universal waste. Recycling
universal waste doesn’t have to be a burden. We do pick-up right.

Our BakPak program is as simple as pack-ship-done. We pre-label
all containers identifying your location. No additional administration
is required by the customer. Just pack the container and
call FedEx for pick-up.

A picture of one of NLR's box trucks. NLR offers on-site pick-ups for your recycling.Learn MoreShop BakPakA picture of several mail-back recycling containers. NLR offers mail-back recycling for lamps, batteries, and other universal waste.

Items NLR Does Not Accept

We get a lot of questions about what we can and cannot recycle. NLR is a not a single-stream recycling center for consumer commodities. We deal specifically in the recycling and responsible disposal of universal waste. As we are a permitted destination facility for universal waste we must comply with EPA, DOT, and DEEP rules and regulations. While we would like to help with all your universal waste needs, our permit allows us to manage lamps (light bulbs), E-Waste, batteries, lighting ballasts, and other mercury devices. These are generally solid-waste items, or universal wastes with liquid components sealed in a solid container (such as car batteries or mercury containing devices like thermometers and thermostats.) We cannot accept pesticides or other liquid universal wastes.

NLR does not accept the following US DOT hazardous waste material

  • Explosives and shock sensitive materials
  • Flammable Gas
  • Poisonous Gas
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Self-reactive substances/solid desensitized explosives
  • Dangerous when wet materials
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive material.

If you’re unsure if any of your waste falls under these categories, or if you need further guidance please call us at 877-822-4733.

Apicture of a paint can, smoke detector, and exit sign with the prohibited symbol. NLR does not recycle paint and liquid wastes, or radioactive wastes.
Some common items that NLR does not recycle. NLR cannot accept paint. NLR does not recycle radioactive items such as smoke detectors or exit signs that can contain tritium.
A picture of various mercury containing bulbs including CFLs, halogens, high pressure sodium, and pin lamps. NLR recycles lamps, bulbs, and fluorescent lights.

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