A picture of NLR's an assortment of fiber drums, plastic pails, and card board box containers stacked on top of pallets of flat manufacturers boxes. for recycling lamps. NLR has a suite of different packaging solutions to inexpensively and safely transport your universal waste. Containers are locally sourced and meet or exceed industry safety standards for transporting universal waste.

Packaging Products

Ship your universal waste safely with our containers.

A picture of several NLR fiber drum containers in against the backdrop of New York City buildings. NLR has a number of DOT compliant container options that we use to pick up, transport, and safely recycle universal waste.

NLR provides a complete suite of environmentally safe and DOT compliant containers for all your universal waste needs. Our packaging products for universal waste are sourced from local partners and made in the U.S. to support local economies and reduce net energy used to facilitate universal waste recycling. Our containers meet or exceed the regulations for the safe transport of universal and hazardous wastes. NLR wants to ensure the safety of both our workers and our environment. See what containers we offer below or download our container overview and packaging procedures for more information.

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