A picture of two of NLR's drivers moving a mailback box in New York City. NLR offers pick up and mailback programs for recycling lamps, batteries, electronic waste, and other universal waste.

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Protect your business and the environment by recycling with NLR.

A picture of one of NLR's universal waste handlers driving a forklift in the warehouse. This is where NLR recieves and sorts lamp recycling, electronics recycling, battery recycling, and mercury devices.

Only NLR has the unique combination of experience, expertise, and recycling technology to protect you and your business from liability while ensuring compliance. Back this with our meticulous, in-depth records keeping and superior customer service and we’re certainly the company you’ll want in your corner to recycle your universal waste.

Why Partner with NLR?

  • NLR specializes in universal waste.
  • Privately owned (we’re accessible and respond to your needs).
  • CT’s only DEEP-permitted lamp recycling facility.
  • Deal exclusively w/ certified markets for all reclaimed material.
  • Lamps are recycled in-house, we’re not a broker.
  • We’re covered by $5 million pollution liability and transportation insurance.
  • Closure surety in place, your waste will never be your problem again.
  • We own and operate our own fleet of vehicles, ensuring timely service.
  • Vehicles and drivers fully licensed and permitted to transport hazardous wastes
  • Our highly trained staff is available to answer all regulatory requirements related to handling, transporting, and disposing of universal and hazardous wastes.
  • We’ll prepare all paperwork, manifests and certificates of recycling and destruction.
  • We create a program tailor-made for your needs.
A picture of various mercury containing bulbs including CFLs, halogens, high pressure sodium, and pin lamps. NLR recycles lamps, bulbs, and fluorescent lights.

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Featured Services

White-glove Truckload Pick-up

National Mail-back Program

Have a recurring stream of universal waste? Enjoy the convenience
of an email or call-in to schedule a pick-up, or set up recurring weekly
or monthly pick-ups. Recurring pick-ups can be automatically scheduled,
no phone call required. Let, NLR’s fully licensed and permitted fleet
of vehicles and drivers safely transport your universal waste. Recycling
universal waste doesn’t have to be a burden. We do pick-up right.

Our BakPak program is as simple as pack-ship-done. We pre-label
all containers identifying your location. No additional administration
is required by the customer. Just pack the container and
call FedEx for pick-up.

A picture of one of NLR's box trucks. NLR offers on-site pick-ups for your recycling.Learn MoreShop BakPakA picture of several mail-back recycling containers. NLR offers mail-back recycling for lamps, batteries, and other universal waste.

Other Services

Lab Packs

Businesses of all sizes occasionally run into the situation where they are left with small quantities of various chemical wastes. They would like to dispose of the waste, but may be constrained by the regulations governing hazardous wastes. One solution is to create a lab pack. This is when certified professionals group similar solutions in smaller containers and these smaller containers are placed within a large container for safe shipment. If you find yourself in a situation where you have small amounts of chemical wastes, let NLR’s experts help. If you need a lab pack, we can get it done.

A picture of flasks and beakers typically found in a lab. NLR can perform lab packs for chemicals.

Training and Education

Universal and hazardous wastes are heavily regulated by multiple agencies including the EPA, DOT, and OSHA. The specifics of these regulations and the different categories of waste that can be classified as universal waste are confusing. NLR has the knowledge and expertise to help deepen your understanding of universal waste, decrease your liability, and increase the safe handling of these wastes. If you’re a universal waste handler you’re required to train all employees who handle or manage your universal waste per 40 CFR 273.16 and 273.36.

Ongoing education and training of staff is a necessity for all businesses. NLR can provide fully customized training and education to address all of your compliance and safety needs.

Available Training Programs:

  • Universal Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Used Oil Management
  • OSHA Training
  • OSHA General Industry Outreach
  • Federal and State Compliance Training
  • EHS Compliance Audits
  • EHS Procedures and Programs
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Hazard Communication
A picture of a universal waste handler wrapping stacked lead acid batteries on a pallet with plastic. NLR follows best practices for the safe shipment and storage of batteries.

Where your Universal Waste goes Matters.

You’ve worked hard to stay in compliance, appropriately labeling your waste, keeping it in sealed containers, and not keeping it for more than a year. Once you choose a company to recycle your universal waste, it should be out-of-sight, out-of-mind right? With us you won’t have to worry about your waste ever becoming your problem again.

NLR is a destination facility licensed, permitted, and fully insured.

That means once we’ve accepted your waste it is our burden, not yours. We’ll make sure it is recycled promptly and appropriately. Our on-site lamp processing facility is top notch and we process bulbs back down to usable components. For other waste streams we partner with only certified downstream vendors. This means items such as electronics (E-Waste) are managed by standards designed to help ensure the quality, transparency, environmental, and social responsibilities to prevent exploitative practices. For example, if E-Waste is shipped overseas people can be exploited to scavenge raw materials, or child labor can be used to break electronics apart to mine the rare components involved. Our vendors have multiple certifications in place, to ensure universal wastes are dealt with appropriately and both their workers and the environment are protected. It’s about doing it once and doing it right.

A picture of a large compact fluorescent bulb and high pressure sodium light. NLR recycles fluorescent tubes and light bulbs of all shapes and sizes.
A large HID and CFL bulb in front of our loading hopper. NLR’s processing machine can process thousands of fluorescent linear lamps, bulbs, and pre-crushed hazardous waste lamps every hour.
A picture of various mercury containing bulbs including CFLs, halogens, high pressure sodium, and pin lamps. NLR recycles lamps, bulbs, and fluorescent lights.

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