If you haven’t heard her barking when we’re on the phone, then you haven’t been introduced to Sadie. She is our resident Golden Retriever Recycler. Let’s be honest, she’s basically the boss around here. So when she’s not “hounding” us for biscuits, Sadie is offering sage wisdom about everything “paw-sable” with universal waste. Some of her questions and requirements may be “ruff” but very “paw-sable”.

When she’s guarding the door she’s really just asking, who you are. What company are you with and what wastes do you have?

When she’s sitting in front of you she really wants one of three things. Sadie either wants to go outside, requires a biscuit, or she wants to know, how many containers or skids of waste do you have? Also do you need replacement containers?

If she’s batting those puppy-dog eyes at you, Sadie is up to no good. If you get the look, she really wants to know if you’re the person to talk to. Who is the on-site contact? A name, phone number, and email would be nice, just in case she chews something up.

If Sadie is nowhere to be found, she’s just social distancing. She wants to know, are there any COVID restrictions we need to know prior to pick-up?

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