1. What’s your info?

One of the first things we’ll ask when you’re on the phone is “can I have the name of your company?” We’re looking to search our systems for the pick-up site (the generator) and the billing contact (bill to). Having these pieces of information straight are important for the pick-up, generating a certificate of recycling, and streamlining the payment process.

2.  Know your containers and quantity

This is usually the biggest cause of multiple emails and phone calls. The number one time-saving tip to expedite your pick-up is knowing what containers you have on site and how many. Having that information on hand when calling or emailing is the best way to get on the schedule quick and get your recycling off your plate. (If you’re really unsure you can always send our transportation department a picture, we know what our containers look like and we can figure out the container type and count from photographic evidence)

3. On site information/ Special instruction

One of the biggest hiccups when a driver arrives at the pick-up site, is not having an on-site contact. We need someone to call if something happens. It can be anything from streets being paved, elevators being out, to an area being closed for filming or a presidential visit. It also helps to know the physical location of your recyclables. Is there a specific loading dock we should be at or are there any other special instructions for your building or property?

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