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NLR Unveils New Lamp Recycling Technology

NLR is proud to announce the implementation of new lamp recycling technology that is the first of its kind in the United States. This new system is a leap forward in the lamp recycling industry. It brings together core elements from the best recycling practices and incorporates them into a new more efficient design.

This new technology allows for lamp recycling rates of up to 5,000 lamps per hour. The machine has the ability to recycle product from multiple access points thereby allowing for more efficient recycling of lamps of different sizes and characteristics.  A tri-phase production system, including a new air filtration system, increases the reclaiming of the end products.

The system reclaims glass, phosphor powder and metal end caps. All of these material can further be recycled or reused in a number of industries resulting in a truly sustainable lamp recycling solution.

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